Desert Biofuels Initiative

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Partnership with Sister Site

We're very pleased to partner with Professor Mark R. Edwards of the Morrison School of Management and Agribusiness at Arizona State University, author of the book Green Algae Strategy, and to support his efforts focused on the use of algae for fuel and for food.

Mark makes a compelling case that algae can enable community-based efforts in developed and developing countries to create fuel for vehicles and cooking fires, and food for animals and people.  We strongly believe in Mark's vision and are working with him to make his vison a reality.

A significant focus of our algae biofuels demonstration plant project is to develop inexpensive means of cultivating algae for fuel and for food.  Additionally, our algae biofuels wiki is aimed at disseminating techical information to community-based efforts aimed at algae biofuels development.  Mark is a key partner on these projects.  

We're in the process of re-launching as a sister site to this DBI site. generally focuses on the Sonoran Desert region (although we intend our efforts to serve as a template for regions around the globe); additionally, this site focuses on various feedstocks, including an emphasis on WVO, in addition to algae. will have a global focus, and a more particular focus on alage as a feedstock, both for creating fuel and food.

Please check both and regularly for updates. 


A Non-Profit Social Venture Promoting "Local Biofuels" in the Valley of the Sun.