Desert Biofuels Initiative

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The Role of the Desert Biofuels Initiative

The development of a local biofuels infrastructure requires the commitment and cooperation of diverse stakeholders: the entrepreneurial and commercial community, government policymakers, non-governmental organizations, academic researchers and forward-thinking individuals.  Difficult technical, financial and policy challenges must be overcome.  DBI is a non-profit that promotes the vision of local biofuels and serves as the "glue" connecting different stakeholder groups. DBI identifies obstacles to local biofuels in Arizona and solves the problems that are not being solved by other stakeholders.

One way we connect stakeholders in via our workshops, such as our Desert Biofuels Workshop held in March 2007. Details about that workshop, inlcuding slides used by presenters and photos, can be found here. Some participant comments: 

  • "...a watershed for AZ biodiesel..."
  • " ...never been at a conference with such broad representation, from corporate, to government, education, NGOs and home brewers..."
  • "...showed just how important this topic is..." 
  • "...tremendously valuable..."  

We're organizing a similar roundtable focused on homebrew biodiesel safety, and also plan on a "second annual" workshop along the lines of the March 2007 effort. 

We also blog news and information relevant to the Arizona biofuels community (our blog has been called "a must-read for the current happenings in biofuels in Arizona").  And a core part of our mission is direct outreach to key policymakers and other stakeholders.

Additionally we engage in research and policy analysis, primarily via our white papers focused on various legal and market analysis issues.  We've partnered closely and very successfully with the Technology Ventures Services Group at Arizona State University in connection with our research efforts.

Finally, we also engage in certain operational projects that advance our mission.  Working with our sister site we're particularly focused on a project to develop a demonstration plant for algae biofuels, along with a related effort to develop an algae biofuels wiki that enables community-based biofuels efforts in both developed and developing countries to obtain necessary information about algae biofuels. We have several other projects in the planning stages as well. 



A Non-Profit Social Venture Promoting "Local Biofuels" in the Valley of the Sun.